Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cyber Adventures With Kaboom Kids 123

In this episode of Kaboom kids 123, Edvin Teaches Isa how to play Minecraft on Xbox One. as they play around of Minecraft in the Adventure Time theme pack Edvin realizes that he says having a difficult time learning how to play. as we all know sometimes it can be difficult and frustrating to train somebody on how to play a game on they just won't get it. and sometimes like a lot of times we all need to learn how to be patient. in this episode Edvin learns the importance of being patient and kind. Isa learned how to defend herself when her cousins can tend to be me it's a battle between good and evil but at the end of the day Kaboom Kids overcome their difficult obstacles.
you can also find OUR FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO Watch a Five year old react to playing a classic round of Halo: Anniversary Edition [KABOOM KIDS 123] Father and 5 Year Old Son Play Halo: Master Chief Collection (Kid React Video) Special Thank to our Brother Andro Guide for the Awesome Logo! Thank Brother!!!!! Be sure to check out out his channel in the link below!

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